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Quality comparison of fiber laser cutting machine?


Method of improving cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

In the application of laser technology, the application of laser cutting technology accounts for more than 60% of the application share, mainly non-metallic cutting, such as textile leather cutting bed, and metal cutting, mainly processing metal materials.

Users want to improve the cutting quality after purchasing fiber laser cutting equipment, but often in the cutting process will take into account the problem of cost savings, and some even achieve the ultimate savings, such as auxiliary gas impurity, resulting in power attenuation problems. Sometimes in consideration of profits, while ignoring the problem of the thickness and output power of the fiber laser cutting machine can be cut, this article explains some methods to improve the cutting quality of the fiber laser cutting machine, hoping to attract the attention of the majority of users.

1. Thickness of metal material

The output power of fiber laser cutting machine is generally 500W and 1000W, the high power is more than 2000W fiber laser cutting machine, the fiber laser cutting machine below 1000W power is suitable for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel products below 14mm thickness, these two types of products in the corresponding material thickness under the cutting quality is very good, The cutting speed is fast, which can ensure the working efficiency and cost saving conditions of laser cutting. When these two materials exceed the applicable cutting thickness, the cutting speed will be slower, the cutting quality will be worse, and the thicker material will not be able to cut. In contrast, if it is less than the thickness of the applicable cutting, such as 1mm stainless steel, the quality of its cutting will be very good, and it can be applied to the downstream link without subsequent processing.

2. Cutting speed

Whether the laser cutting speed is too fast or too slow can not get high-quality cutting quality, so you can not only consider improving work efficiency and speeding up the cutting speed, or think that cutting slow can get good cutting quality such a misunderstanding, choose a moderate cutting speed to get excellent cutting quality, which needs to be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer in the cutting process. Control the laser cutting process.

3. Laser output power

The higher the output power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the higher the thickness of the material that can be cut, and the better the quality of the corresponding cutting, so the user must be clear about the thickness and type of his material in the early purchase process to avoid being unable to cut or not get the desired cutting quality. In addition, the higher the consistency between the laser cutting mode and the material, the better the quality of the cutting.

4. Material surface roughness

We all know that the flexible processing means of fiber laser cutting is good, which is not limited by the shape of the workpiece, but is limited by the surface roughness and can not achieve the cutting effect. The more flat the surface of the material, the better the quality of cutting, so the stability of the machine tool is also very important, and it is necessary to ensure the working environment of laser cutting.

5. Laser cutting focus

This is a commonplace problem, only to meet the focus of the location of the accurate to achieve cutting, cutting a good quality product.

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